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An Introduction to Physical Introductions, Self Interview


Concept, text, photos and image by Laura Hicks

The dance work portrayed in one of the images used here within was a still from Plateau Effect by the Culberg Ballet. In addition the author recognizes the support of Tanz im August, and the participants, artists and facilitators of the Physical Introductions that took place as part of the Tanz im August festival.

The format was largely inspired by Chrysa Parkinson's video project, "Self Interview on Practice by Chrysa Parkinson." https://vimeo.com/26763244

Additional references that have informed the perspective contained here within were taken from:
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Ingo Diehl, et al. "Physical Introductions at Tanz im August 2013," MA CoDE Homepage, accessed February 5, 2015, http://www.hfmdk-fra.de/index.php?id=350

Physical Introductions were implemented by Ingo Diehl and MA CoDE students of HfMDK Frankfurt at with artists and audience members at Tanz im August, Berlin 2013/14. This 'self interview' is an attempt to further understand the format of 'the Physical Introduction', and share it with others.


05.12.2015, 18.00 Uhr, Frankfurt LAB