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A feedback collaboration between dancers and choreographer

Choreograf, Construction, Costumes Marguerite Donlon
Feedback / Reflection adviser Steve Purcell

Choreography and Dance Magdalena Dzeco, Moritz Fabian, Heiko Herzeg, Sandra Le Kong, Valeria Liptschanski, Nami Miwa, Jorge Moro Argote, Qadira Oechsle-Ali, Klara Oehler, Noemi Popp, Jaqueline Stanciu, Bozhidara Boyadzhieva

This piece has been created using Liz Lermans feedback exercises and other feedback tools as a way to enhance the process, to see what the effects it could had. Under the guidance ofProf. Steve Purcell and RD1st Coach Marguerite Donlon the early creative phases were put through constant feedback rounds. At some point it was the general decision to allow the process to flow and only do feedback rounds after an idea was more established.It was agreed that it was important to know when to stop for feedback and when to allow the flow of the creative work to have preference.Feedback must be wanted...

'At the creative centre of this project is a search for a shared language that supports the individual performers to share a common space and time. Reflection, imitation and difference were taken as early literal starting points to generate choreographic material by the student performers in the form of solos, duets, trios and larger group compositions. A number of thematics began to surface as the material became shaped through a series of discussions and exercises in the studio context linked to the idea of feedback as an iterative process, whereby feedback in verbal, written and physical 'call and response' terms was used to support the performers to gain a better hold of the emergent potential for the performance material. As the individual performers attempt to connect and re-connect with the other performers occupying the space, they attempt to interface with each others differentiated physicalities, copying, adapting, gathering and dispersing generating and expending energy in and through the space and utilising the ebb and flow of each other's breath to push the movement onwards. Out of difference emerges a common desire to move and be moved.'
Steve Purcell.


16.02.2016, 5.Biennale Tanzausbildung Aufführung in der Oper Köln im Stattenhaus