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HTA Postgraduiertenförderung

The Idea of Antidepressive Wear


In Frankfurt artist – Ajda Tomazin (Master graduation of choreography and performance ATW Giessen) and Tomaž Tomljanović a.k.a Dualik (fashion artist and musician) together with a creative producer and curator Petra Hazabent, touched upon a proposed subject and through out various forms of social choreography and events opened up a playground for a new genre to appear ---performing fashion.

The Idea of Antidepressive Wear is an umbrella project merging different artistic disciplines and creators, set as a reaction to forced mindset of contemporary society, where an individual is condemned to constant self-­inventing and discovering his or her values as a participant of this western world.

It is structured as performative series encouraging a collective research of the technologies of the self – caring for oneself being the most important subject. Until now the research was set in different environments and cities (Maribor, London, Vienna, Bochum) where series of events were realized for the purpose to move, unite, intervene and most of all to research what moves people today.


24.03.2016, 16.00 Uhr, BlauesHaus e. V. Niederräderufer 2
 60528 Frankfurt am Main http://blaueshaus-frankfurt.de/index.php