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mit Studierenden der HTA

Rough Proposals 2016

Der Morgen , Der Nachmittag, Die Nacht, Der Tag danach

MA Choreography and Performance (Gießen)
and School for New Dance Development (Amsterdam)

Taking into consideration that it already started, Rough Proposals is a rehearsal of different modes of spending time together. How to share time and space? How to elaborate new forms of being together? How to re-think / re-verse the structure of a festival? 

In a collective effort we will deaccelerate time, thinking the choreography of a course of a day. 24 hours spreaded in four days unfolding a fictional time. Considering performance as time-consuming, the festival offers to think it differently: to go backwards into the unknown, allowing other narratives. How can this shift the known ways of attending? What happens to the process of our work if we consider this different attending? 

Rough Proposals is to see what is possible: affirm something else, let´s be in this together.

Thursday 30.06.16 / The Morning // 10 AM - 4 PM 10 in the morning, we are waiting for you. We want to welcome you to our festival. 10 in the morning, you come to Mousonturm: nothing to do it's up to you, I've got nothing to say but it´s okay. We are throwing a party for you, because of a good good morning. We want to boost up your energy, and play our most beloved songs to make you sweat in the dance floor. We want to exhaust yourself before it even starts. 

Friday 01.07.16 / The afternoon // 4 PM - 10PM As long as you're with me, you'll be just fine. We meet at 4 in the afternoon. We were together 24 hours ago. What happens when we meet again? We take a nap and we waste time. We don´t know what happens now. We are all too fast saying yes to we. Could you say yes, to something that is not completely clear? Feels so good walking side by side. 

Saturday 02.07.16 / The Night // 10PM - 4AM 10 in the evening, we spend the night together. Only prime time is desire time. The night belongs to lovers, and we need each other as never before. You make your plans, you prepare yourself. But when darkness arrives, are we still in this together? We want to share our work, but we ask ourselves, what is this collaboration about? In war time, collaboration means cooperation with the enemy. Is fighting sleep producing violence? Maybe we are just tired. We stay awake. 

Sunday 03.07.16 / The Day After // 4PM - 10PM We meet at 4 in the afternoon again. When was the last time we were together? How long have we been together? Does the chronological time represent what we have experienced? We have a common past now. Is it possible to imagine the future or is it already eaten by finance? We keep on fighting, we talk, we discuss, we remember what we have done, we make further plans. We say good-bye and hello from the other side again. This does not finish when it's over                                    http://www.mousonturm.de/web/en/veranstaltung/rough-proposals-2016


30.06.2016–03.07.2016, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main