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MINIATUREN Pointing at things: It started when you read this


Vorstellung der Arbeit von Paul Norman, Residenten des Frankfurt LAB, im Rahmen der Reihe MINIATUREN

We notice, we point, we think and we make decisions.
This pointing is not physical but is rather a question or instruction that asks you to make an observation in your mind. Pointing is then the bringing to attention of an observation that changes the way you think. This allows you to observe lots of things that are very far apart, all at the same time.

When does a performance begin or end? Does a performance have to begin or end? Questions and instructions become thoughts and observations of oneself and others simultaneously, creating a space where performance exists not only in the objects and actions within a defined space but in the thinking of the audience.

Live performance with Marking tape, Postcard Scores and Sound/Video installation.


A hard days painting

Biographer: Is concept important to you?
Paul: Yeah.

(close curtains)

Hope for the best

Paul Norman is a composer and M3C AHRC funded PhD Student at Birmingham Conservatoire

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06.10.2016, 19.00 Uhr, Frankfurt LAB