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Correspondence #1 on the Importance of Time and Place, the Territory


By and with Li Lorian & Marc Villanueva Mir
Dramaturgy: Ia Tanskanen

A visual and conceptual journey between Jerusalem, Barcelona and Gießen; a collage of memories, observations and representations of the multiple and complex realities we inhabit and that at the same time inhabit us. Recent events like the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem or the clashes during the Catalan referendum show the underlying tensions and the fragility of these environments.
In Correspondence #1 we weave a shared narrative that aims to explore interferences between actual and ideal, politics and literature, reality and fiction, utopia and dystopia, in order to revisit the landscapes we come from and our concerns with them, and to question the role they play in constituting our sense of home and notion of belonging.


20.10.2018, 17.00 Uhr, Frankfurt LAB