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Process ((leseraum) (out of joint))


Arnita Jaunsuberena, Christopher Felix Hahn, Kim Willems, Stefanie Knobel and Tom Engels

What is the title of your work? Is it green? Is it soft? Do we go to the park after the rehearsal? What is your concern? What is communication?
Arnita Jaunsuberena (LV), Christopher Félix Hahn (DE), Kim Willems (DE), Stefanie Knobel (CH) and Tom Engels (BE) have been studying together at the University of Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen, Germany. For their first work together they found ways of connectedness through a practice of questioning. Out of that they developed games. 4 of them will be presented in Kunstraum Aarau.


13.10.2012, Kunstraum Aarau (CH)
13.10.2012, 20.00 Uhr, Kunstraum Aarau (CH)
12.10.2012, 20.00 Uhr, Kunstraum Aarau (CH)