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The Public Commons and the Undercommons of Art, Education and Labour

An International Conference hosted by the MA program Choreography and Performance (Gießen)

MA Program Choreography and Performance

One of the global tendencies that describes the current situation of the arts under the conditions of neoliberal capitalism is privatization and financialization, in which both the arts and education lose the meaning and the status of a public good. Using the pretext of austerity and strategies of neoliberal policy, the state is dismantled in its public sector, disowning the arts and education as common concerns. While, on the one hand, it goes hand in hand with the transformation of labor in post-Fordism, de-skilling and re-skilling which trains flexible subjects, and, on the other hand, it reflects the temporality and affective modes of project-based, intermittent and precarious work, this tendency plays out as a merge between art and education, leaning on art as research, or art as practice, to name a few concepts in recent debate.

Registration is for free but required (undercommons@gmail.com)
More infos at: http://tinyurl.com/nlsmzem


29.05.2014–01.06.2014, Frankfurt LAB